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Sophia Young - Yes Master, I Will Obey!

In clip V, Sophia is over cleaning my house as she does every week. But today, I leave a special toy on the end table. Being the curious girl she is, Sophia can’t help but pick it up and press the button. She instantly becomes mesmerized by the colored lights and finds all of her own thoughts draining into the light as her mind goes blank.

Not realizing what thay means, she can’t believe it when she just blurts our “Yes Master, I will obey” after each command I give to her. When I ask her why she looks confused she admits to being dumbfounded why she is saying that to me.

But the poor girl is even more confused when she finds her body completing the command I just gave her “without any thought” as she says. Sounds like just the kind of training that The Erotic Hypnotist strives for. As she is forced to get on her knees, crawl to her master, spread her legs, and masturbate for me… she finds she has no cure for what is ailing her. This clip contains full nudity!

Sophia Young – Yes Master, I Will Obey! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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